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About Yourstar 

YourStar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd is the newly founded company. Don't let that fool you however.  

Our team has been in the business for over three years as professional suppliers of mobile phone spare parts 

to customers all over the globe. We are located in HuaQiangBei Area in ShenZhen, which is one of the largest 

distribution center of electronic device repair parts in the world.  What this means for you is strict quality control 

and fast lead times.

We mostly specialize in smart phone and mobile phone spare parts including but not limited to: LCD, digitizers, LCD assembly with touch screens, batteries, flex cables, IC etc. Whatever your requirements may be, you are welcome to choose the quality that best fits your needs as either a reseller or repair shop. We offer qualities such as full original, OEM, original used and refurbished parts.  We are happy to help you decide which quality would be best for your application.    

YourStar Electronics carries parts for many different brands and carriers.  Most of our focus lies on iPhone, LG, Sony, Nokia, Motorola, HTC and assorted Chinese brands. In addition, we also 

offer some accessories such as data cables, power banks and phone cases as a kind of accessorial service to 

help the customers to collect the goods as much as we can for YOU. 

We are happy to be your reliable partner for business in China. We are not the perfect, but we strive every 

day to improve to meet the feedback we receive from our customers. Trust and support with hand in hand, 

we can walk along this road.    

TOGETHER brightly!

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